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Is Copper Laptop Heatsink Any Good?

Copper is a metal with high thermal conductivity. Copper is widely used in making authentic and elegant laptop heatsinks. This metal is known for its ductility and ease of chemical processing. It has a green covering that occurs due to corrosion, but this protects it from further deterioration. Copper is highly beneficial in making laptop heatsink because of its unique properties. Copper laptop sinks are widely used due to their high conductivity which leads to faster cooling. Copper laptop sinks quickly cool down and dissipate heat. So, this makes copper a desirable metal for laptop sinks.

Copper laptop sinks are good for everyone. They cool down the laptop fast and save a lot of energy. They are flexible and show strong heat resistance.

Copper Heatsink Vs. Aluminum Heatsink

Copper and aluminum are extensively used in the manufacturing industries. There are many differences that make them different from each other.

1. Copper Offer Better Conductivity

Copper has high thermal conductivity. This gives an advantage to electronics companies over aluminum. Aluminum has only sixty percent of the conductivity of copper. This is the reason copper wires are widely used in huge heat-producing electronics. Copper heat sinks work well with thermal conductivity and generate a high amount of power for the maximum potential of electronic devices. Aluminum sinks do this on a tiny scale as compared to copper heat sinks.

2. Copper Has Better Cooling

Copper has a high thermal conductivity which ensures equal distribution of heat. This makes it cool down faster as compared to aluminum. Copper does well in small spaces. Aluminum is lighter and heats up fast, but copper takes time. So, it is better for the devices which tend to heat up fast and spoil due to overheating. Cooling of the device is highly essential because if it gets overheated, it can damage and your precious data can be deleted.

3. Copper Has High Melting Point

Copper has a high melting point, giving you another reason to get a copper heat sink. Due to its high melting point, it can withstand high heat. The copper heat sink is a boon for the factories where large machinery is used. It takes small space and can work efficiently. If you take aluminum, you have to take more quantity and it takes up more space. Aluminum is not effective in large machinery.

4. Copper Has Antimicrobial Resistance

Copper has a high antimicrobial resistance that makes it desirable over aluminum. The bacteria don’t grow on the surface of copper, unlike aluminum. There are times when cleaning is delayed, so in that case, bacteria can grow and damage the system. So, if you have a copper heat sink, it can protect your system. It is best to use a copper laptop sink for extra safety of the laptop and other machinery.

5. Copper Has the Ability to Form Alloys

Copper has a higher ability to form alloys than aluminum. They can form brass, copper nickels, phosphorus bronze, and others. This happens because copper has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum on the other hand doesn’t show the such property. Although aluminum also forms alloys, those are not popularly used in the laptop industry. Corrosion resistance is also a factor that outnumbers aluminum. Copper laptop heat sinks are popularly used due to these reasons too.

Buy From Thermal Winshare

If you desire to buy a copper laptop heat sink that is affordable and works the best, it is best to buy it from Thermal Winshare. You can always trust them because they have many years of experience. They specialize in high-build quality and designs. Their copper laptop heat sinks are safer and don’t pollute the environment. They are capable of carrying customized designs and making thermal designs with utmost precision. They have contributed a lot to thermal power cooling.


The copper laptop heat sink is worth buying from Thermal Winshare because they have a high level of experience in heat sink building. They focus on design and capacity. The copper laptop sink is the one you must have to magnify the benefits. These sinks are built in specific operating conditions making them strong and sturdy.

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