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Long-Span Racking Types Benefits And Usefulness

Your shelf space is at a premium, and you’re looking for a way to store your inventory efficiently.

Your floor space is taken up with products on your shelves, and you don’t even have enough room to walk! Long-Span Racking Systems have been proven to be the most durable and robust steel shelving system. They are made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant steel that is sturdy enough to withstand heavy, continuous use.

We would love to help you with this issue, and our Long-Span Racking Systems allow you to maximize the storage capacity of your retail space. Our products can accommodate any size storefront with options for different shelf heights, widths, and depths.

Let’s dig deeper inside the article to know more about longspan racking to find benefits.

Widespan And Longspan Shelving

Longspan shelving is made with a wider front lip, where the pallet rests on the lip of the storage rack. Long-span racking also includes more comprehensive posts and bases, which are longer than other types of racking such as ‘d’-rack or quarter-turn racks.

Widespan Shelving and Longspan shelves help maximize pallet storage in a warehouse setting. Widespan shelving supports more pallets because there is room to slide another pallet under the carton on each side of the pallet being stored.

They are built strong to carry heavy loads and hold multiple levels of heavy objects, items, and products. They have a vast storage capacity because of their long beams that span out across the room or storage space.

Longspan Racking Types

1. Timber Longspan Shelving

Timber Longspan Shelving is designed to give you maximum storage capacity and tremendously reduces the space needed to store your valuables. All patented Timber Longspan Shelving is manufactured in Australia, with efficient use of raw materials and minimal environmental impact.

The ease of use and flexibility of the Timber Longspan Shelving makes it a practical choice for indoor and outdoor storage solutions. It is made from robust and durable timber that can be treated as desired before installation.

2. Longspan Shelving With Meshes

Longspan shelving with meshes is commonly used in industries that store and preserve products. These units are primarily used for storing fruits and vegetables, aquatic creatures, wood, and other long-span items.

They are manufactured with sturdy steel frames, stainless steel shelves, and a corrosion-resistant finish. The shelves enable air circulation around the stored materials, thus eliminating unpleasant odors and protecting them from insects.

3. Longspan Steel Shelving

Longspan supermarkets and warehouses are made from steel, not wood. It means your goods will be stored and displayed safely and securely. With Longspan’s unique design, our steel shelving is much stronger than traditional timber shelving, which is often susceptible to wood warping and shrinking.

The long span is perfect for longer items like pallets and other materials you may need to store over an extended distance.

4. Heavy-Duty Longspan Shelving

Heavy-duty Longspan rack and shelving systems are ideal for industrial facilities and high-volume operations.

These systems are compatible with any warehouse shelving, including pallet racking, mezzanine storage, storage racks, and more. They are designed to save you money by reducing your material handling costs and improving productivity.

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